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To Gain Knowledge and Connection With Autistic Children whilst Reducing Stress & Overwhelm


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In this 60 minute empowered workshop we will cover....


Accessing Knowledge and Instilling Confidence

No more guess work and feeling lost. We will cover what Autism is and see just how game changing this is for the children you support.

Being Aware of the Bigger Picture 

We will dive into why knowing what Autism IS isn’t actually enough. There is SO much more you need to know!

Feeling aligned in your approach 

How to create an environment where there is less overwhelm and more joy and flow. Focusing on your energy and how you are showing up each day.


This Workshop Is For You If....

  • You really want to be able to support your Autistic students but are unsure how.
  • You are ready to be pro-active and seek the training and support that has been, up until now, missing.
  • You wish to create and promote inclusivity within your education setting
  • You have a deep desire to truly understand and support all students to thrive
  • You desire to reclaim a passion for the work that you do and leave a lasting legacy
  • You are committed to creating impactful changes and view teaching as a multilayered role
  • You see potential in all your students but want support in knowing how to access it whilst also supporting them to see it too


Hear What Others Have To Say.....


A  Personal Invitation From Claire.....


It is so wonderful to have you here on this page as it means that you are likely someone who works within education who has a desire to increase their knowledge and understanding around supporting Autistic students. If that is the case then I love you already! 😊

No jokes. Like, seriously.

I am incredibly passionate about creating awareness and promoting acceptance of Autism and I just love it when others want to jump on board with that mission.

Because that is the reality – it is no good just me on my own flying the flag, we need to do this as a collective and I am buzzing to host this workshop and share knowledge, tips and support so that you too can go out there and make incredibly impactful changes within the world when it comes to embracing Autism and creating inclusive settings.

As a Mum of two Autistic children I have a wealth of experience when it comes to understanding Autism and how best to support. Over the last 4 years I have worked tirelessly to support hundreds of families and education settings to ensure that they too are able to do the work that is needed in order for our Autistic children to be included, accepted, embraced and able to thrive.

The knowledge and tools that I will be sharing with you in this brand new workshop are the exact ones I have used to help both my children go from being overwhelmed, anxiety ridden and non-school attending to empowered, confident and school attending legends!

And I can’t wait to share that with you!

Looking forward to seeing you there. 

Claire x

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