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Stop the stigma

Smash the

Support the initiative. Show everyone that Autism is nothing to be confused about

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At Waking Up To Autism we are thrilled to launch our brand new initiative ‘Smash the Confusion’.

SMASH THE CONFUSION is a great, easy, and child friendly way to discuss Autism.

Whether your child is Autistic and you are wanting support on talking about it with them or you are keen for your child to learn more about Autism so that they are able to embrace it with others, then this is for you.

Our aim is…

Create Awareness

Promote Acceptance

support all children to learn about Autism

Spread the message of kindness

Help children to understand themselves and others better

Encourage children to embrace their differences and uniqueness

"Where it all began!"

The story…

SMASH THE CONFUSION was born from my son Adam.
When asked “How can we help you with your Autism?” his response was simple but enlightening, “Smash The Confusion”.

Check out the original video


The MAGIC comes from the accompanying booklet…

This booklet has been specially designed to make a conversation with your child engaging, meaningful and educational but without being overwhelming.

The booklet is factual but also has great conversation starter questions to aid parents on being able to start those important chats.

Our Smash The Confusion
T-Shirts are fun and vibrant.

We can ALL be WUTA Warriors!

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