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Waking Up To Autism is very much my baby and something that I invest a great deal of time, effort and emotion into.

I am proud of what we have achieved so far and I am very excited for what is to come.
I do, however, recognise that I have had amazing input and support from others into getting WUTA to where it is now and it would just not feel right to not show them love and recognition.

My brother Mark has a huge passion and talent for photography, with a specific love of fashion and portrait work.  So when I needed some images for this website there was no question in my mind that I would reach out to him.

Mark has an incredible talent for capturing unique and inspiring images. Not one for the whole “Look at the camera and say CHEESE!” set up, he prefers to capture the essence and natural energy of the subject and I love that about his work. It tells more of a story and gives the viewer more of a sense of personality and warmth.

Having Mark work in collaboration with me on this website is particularly poignant as he himself was diagnosed with having ASD at the age of 37 and he truly understands what it is to be autistic and how to capture that in the photos of his niece and nephew.

It was truly an honour and lots of fun to work with him (we had a couple of boozy lunches thrown in whilst collaborating!!) and I am thrilled that his images are included within this website.

Check out Mark’s work on Instagram!
Mark David Ford

I first met Naomi back in January 2019 when I attended her Vision Board Workshop. At this point WUTA had been a thought in my mind for about 6 months. It was at this workshop that I first verbalised my idea for creating a support platform for other parents of Autistic children but unsure of what that would exactly look like.

Fast forward to January 2020 and I FINALLY launched my WUTA Facebook Page. I had not seen or spoken with Naomi since that Vision Board Workshop but I just decided to take the leap and launch having now sat on the idea for 18mths.

In April 2020 mine and Naomi’s paths crossed again and I had the absolute pleasure of working with her on her coaching programme – a programme that looked at emotional freedom and regaining my confidence. I then signed up to work 1:1 with her for her business mentorship programme and it is with this work that I have found the direction and confidence to take WUTA to the next level to ensure that I can bring it to as many people as possible who need this valuable support.

I am truly thankful to her for her support, wisdom, knowledge, craziness(!) and for helping me to turn down my inner critic!

Check out beautiful Naomi at her website.
Naomi Newland
Business Coach and Mentor

I came across Glenn by chance when I asked for Graphic Designer recommendations to help us create a new logo.

I was inundated with people wanting the job but after speaking to a few it was very quickly clear to me that Glenn was the ideal fit for us.
For me, I am picky with who I want to work with, I want them to share our vision and passion. To not just be another client, a number or faceless job to them.

WUTA is very personal. I want it to give across the right message to the people who come to us for support and I want our care and compassion to come through in our whole vibe and branding.

Glenn “got it” – he engaged with who we are, what is important to us, what our mission is – but he didn’t just engage, he jumped firmly on board!

Working with Glenn has been an absolute dream. He listens to what I want – he is patient with me when I don’t know what I want but will know it when I see it! And he doesn’t get cross with me when I ask the same thing quite a few times as I am the first to admit tech is not my strong point!

Check out Glenn and his business Pixel Jam
Glenn Cahill
Creative Director at Pixel Jam Ltd

Our most recent collaboration is a really exciting one.

Introducing you to Dan, our newly appointed Head of PR
Having spent many years working in sales as a regional account manager, Dan has heaps of experience and great skills to bring to the Waking Up To Autism team.

As Head of PR, Dan will be instrumental in helping us to spread our message and to help create much needed awareness. We are so excited to see what we can achieve.

Dan also has a very vested interest in our work as he is also Olivia and Adam’s Daddy!

Contact Dan directly!
Dan Krost
Head of PR