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Waking Up To Autism Founder, Coach & Mentor, Course Creator, Solution Focused Therapist and Mother to two autistic children.

I help to create awareness and promote acceptance of Autism. Working closely with parents, I aim to “shine a light” on what Autism is (and what it’s not!). I share my knowledge and expertise to help educate society as well as helping parents to navigate day to day life to enable them to support their child to thrive.


About Waking Up To Autism

Claire Krost is the founder of Waking Up To Autism. Living in West Sussex, she is Mum to two children - Olivia and Adam - and wife to Dan.

Up until March 2020 Claire worked in administration for the NHS but had to leave due to COVID and the schools closing. Claire now devotes her time to Waking Up To Autism which is growing rapidly and is finding real fulfillment in being able to help as many people as possible.


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