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Waking Up To Autism Founder, Coach & Mentor, Course Creator, Solution Focused Therapist and Mother to two autistic children.

I help to create awareness and promote acceptance of Autism. Working closely with parents, I aim to “shine a light” on what Autism is (and what it’s not!). I share my knowledge and expertise to help educate society as well as helping parents to navigate day to day life to enable them to support their child to thrive.


About Waking Up To Autism

Claire Krost is the founder of Waking Up To Autism. Living in West Sussex, she is Mum to two children - Olivia and Adam - and wife to Dan.

Up until March 2020 Claire worked in administration for the NHS but had to leave due to COVID and the schools closing. Claire now devotes her time to Waking Up To Autism which is growing rapidly and is finding real fulfillment in being able to help as many people as possible.


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From a start to finish I have loved this course I was made to feel like I’m not going crazy by people who truly understood me. I have never been on a course where I have looked forward to every week. Claire not only helps you to gain all the knowledge you need but she’s also true in every word she says.

Amanda Peacock

Positive. Insightful. Articulate. Supported. I would 100% recommend this course as Claire knows her craft and she is absolutely genuinely interested in you as an individual.

Nicky Brewer

After 5 years of parenting our amazing autistic daughter and proactively seeking all public help available, we found Claire on Facebook. We can honestly say that in all of those 5 years and countless interactions with public experts, charities and private consultants, this course provided 10x the information, and even better, shared with a group of people facing the same challenges. Claire is amazing in how she communicates her passion. We got so much from this course that we didn’t find before. The difference is Claire has 2 autistic children and you just don’t find that first hand experience when you are searching for help and answers on the internet. We write this review from parents of a 5 year old who was diagnosed at 4 and it brought sanity and the tools needed to start the journey in raising an autistic kid. If only we had met Claire even sooner!

Paul & Emma Day

This course is a must for any parents or carers of autistic children. We have not long had diagnosis and to be honest my husband and I just felt lost. Thank goodness a mum friend at school recommended Waking up to Autism! Claire just explains everything and makes you feel you are not alone. Since doing the Shine a Light course I feel so much more in tune with our girls needs and more able to talk to professionals to fight their corner. Thank you Claire, I really can't recommend you enoug!

Michelle Chewter

I feel that this is the course that every parent needs when they receive a diagnosis or suspect their child is Autistic. This is the course that gives you the tools to make confident steps towards getting the help and support needed for your child. It also leaves you with such an amazing inner confidence in your parenting and your knowledge of your child. Going into professional meetings feeling confident in your own knowledge and opinions, is amazing and refreshing. It has definitely helped me get the right support for my child. I would recommend this course to anyone. I’m just sad that it’s finished although I know that Claire is invested in every family that she meets through this course. I know that if we need her she is still there. I cannot wait to attend future courses. I will be forever grateful that Claire chose to share her knowledge through Waking Up to Autism, she has had such a positive effect on so many families.

Ashleigh Stamp

Firstly, I am totally gutted the course is over. It was the most amazing, supportive and informative 7 weeks. Being part of such a wonderful group of people led by the fantastic Claire was so inspiring. The course was full of amazing content and totally relevant to everyone no matter what age, stage or circumstance. I have learnt so much over the last few weeks and now feel empowered to fight for my son to get the support he needs. I would 100% recommend the course to anyone. Knowledge is power! You will also feel like part of an empathetic family which will offer much needed support after the course has finished.

Danni Emmett

I’m so glad I went on this course. I was on the fence and only joined at the last minute. But it’s been very helpful. I was in a position of quiet panic that there was lots to do and I didn’t know how to do it and that my child would some how suffer if I didn’t find out, but I didn’t have time to research it. This course came at just the right time and now I know the things I need to be aware of (gathering evidence for an ECHP), gave us some new tools (zones of regulation) and reassured us that we were doing the right thing (re meltdowns). The community of people in the same position is also very comforting. Even after the course had finished I am still being supported with advice and support. One of the most helpful things is that my child’s grandparents could attend the course with me so that everyone in his life is on the same page with supporting him, and understanding his challenges. Thank you so much Claire and to all the rest of the course members for creating such a lovely space!

Hannah Macdonald

I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone on any stage of their journey. It covers so much, it's filled with information and support to guide you through all the challenges. Even to look after your own mental health. Claire is so understanding and supportive, she's in the world we are. She gets it. That I find one of the best parts of it. She's been through what I am. Nothing is ever a silly question or too much trouble. She brings you closer to other families on the same journey to the point where, I've found families who live near me, because of her! You come away from each masterclass feeling so empowered. She's not only helped me understand my children more but helped me understand me as a person. I am forever thankful for our Shine The Light Family.

Alexandra Copley

I was lost in a see of 'professionals' telling me my son is Autistic, my son has Sensory Processing Disorder, I might need parenting courses, he needs to be socialised more, he is having a tantrum etc. This course gave me my voice back, it reminded me that my gut instinct was right, that my child has needs that may be different but not wrong and not any less valid. It has given me knowledge to start this journey with Gary on the right tracks now and be less inclined to back down because we don't fit the mould. It has given me a group of amazing parents in the same boat to gain support and knowledge from. I will be recommending Claire and this course to parents and professionals. I honestly feel Claire has first hand experience and such an inspiring personality that all diagnosis paperwork should come with a leaflet telling them to get in touch with Claire and Waking up to Autism. Thanks Claire!

Kate Rimington

This Autism course has been amazing. As an Early Years Educator I’ve spent the past 15 years working with children with additional needs and I’ve attended/completed numerous courses about Autism but they all pale in comparison to Waking Up To Autism. I can now confidently say that I can aid parents with autistic children on how best to support them and their child/children, how to complete EHCP requests, what I can do as an Educator to help their little ones thrive in an early years setting and beyond, what autism actually means and how I can support parents mental health too. Thank you Claire for actually building a wonderful course that truly makes a massive difference to so many lives.

Rea Smith